Announcing Electric Enlil v7.5, our powerful new Lamassu Admin

If you were looking for that glimmer of hope from 2021, we have something to cheer up your operations.

Several years in the making, our completely overhauled and redesigned operator admin is now available for all Lamassu ATMs.

It’ll knock your alpaca socks off, and as always, it’s free and open-source.

Electric Enlil v7.5 delivers an admin redesigned from the ground up, and features the most powerful rule-based compliance software in the industry.

Rule-based compliance suite

To say that our compliance suite has been redesigned is an understatement.

We’ve brought every facet of your customers to the forefront, introducing new approval and management tools, while adding a fine-grained suite of compliance triggers across numerous dimensions.

Our rule based system was conceived after lengthy discussions with the expert legal team at Frost Brown Todd in the U.S.

Manage all of your customers’ activities and verification levels through their new profile page.

Triggers are AML/KYC rules which are invoked when customers meet conditions you’ve defined. These operate over multiple dimensions, such as velocity over time, consecutive days, total purchase amount, etc. – and block or suspend a user for ‘cool off’ durations of your choice. For U.S. operators, we’ve also added an option for SSN collection.

Our compliance trigger wizard helps you interpret new rules as you add them.

Real-time transactions

The new Transactions panel provides a full, interactive breakdown of each transaction and its customer, while offering spreadsheets of custom date ranges for direct download from the admin.

The new panel gives a full breakdown of each transaction, as well as previews of customer IDs.

Walk this way

To make setup easier, we’ve designed wizards to walk operators through each step of the way, such as configuring your first coin, adding exchange accounts, and enabling cash-out.

Our admin wizards ensure no setting is left unconfigured, and that you hit the ground running whether it’s your first cryptomat or your fiftieth.

Skip the articles or emails to support. Common tasks are now here in the admin.

Promo Codes

Your most loyal customers deserve some perks, and your users-to-be might need a little incentive.

With v7.5, you can generate custom promotional codes to shave a little bit off your machines’ regular commissions. Advertise them where you see fit, and when the sale ends, disable them on the fly from your admin.

Create multiple memorable promo codes to distribute to your loyal and new customers.

The road ahead

Electric Enlil’s admin is an extensible framework that allows us to more rapidly build out new and highly-anticipated features. Here’s what else we’re cooking up right now:

Stablecoins, to the Earth!

Not everyone’s seeking to board a rocket to the moon. Some just want to trade their physical slips of paper for digital ones and escape hyperinflation at home.

Soon you may offer popular stablecoins like DAI, USDC, and USDT from your existing Ethereum wallet.

Add a pre-set stablecoin or popular token, or add your own custom ERC-20 token.

Custom info requests

Next up on our roadmap are fully customisable requests for information from your customers. Need to ask them the reason for their purchase? Define a list of multiple-choice options. Want to collect an email address? You can prompt for this and anything else under the sun.

Request any info you need from your customers, at times of your chosing.

Apply an analytical eye

Key to a successful ATM operation is taking a deep dive into how your locations are performing. Our upcoming analytics pages automatically track your volumes and profits over time, identifying your averages and which machines are underperforming expectations.

As always, your data is yours alone and is never seen by us.

Monitor your machines' performance over time it's like a FitBit for your Bitcoin ATMs!

Two-factor web authentication

We heard you! Although super secure, hopping into the server terminal for a new admin link ain’t the easiest.

We’re now bringing login exclusively (and securely) to the web browser, while adding user roles for limited access to sensitive settings.

No need to hop into your server for new admin access. Log in securely with 2FA.

Get your update!

v7.5 is available for new installs of the operator backend and as an upgrade to existing v7.4 installations.

Jump on over to the v7.5 knowledgebase section for instructions on getting started. The update is free and available to machines regardless of SLA subscription status.

Stay tuned to our Twitter for news on upcoming features, and as always, let us hear from you. Drop us a line!

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