A new chapter for the Lamassu platform

In short, we're moving from an unlicensed, open-source software platform to a source-available, flat-fee licensing model, based on our existing OSA.

New releases of our software are available by maintaining a subscription to our flat-fee OSA of €55 a month per machine. In addition, we offer our dedicated support and updates.

Why the change?

With the move to multiple hardware platforms and the evolving requirements of our current operators, we're working on a great many new features to meet the demands of a broader and matured market. This focus on a portable, widely-competitive software suite requires a different business that isn't supported by giving it all away for free.

The change to a license-based model allows us to ensure that continued advances in our software are underwritten directly by those who benefit from it. We're incredibly excited for what we're bringing to market and we're now providing for our software's expansion and longevity.

What does this mean for current operators?

Current operators may continue to run unlicensed versions of our software, the last of which is our v8.1.5 release.

If operators wish to run later releases, beginning with v8.1.6 and its license, they will need to sign up for and maintain an OSA subscription. Running new releases will require an ongoing OSA subscription for those machines which are active and deployed.

If payment lapses, before we can provide support or updates upon OSA renewal, you'll need to be current for months which have not been paid.

What does this mean for new operators?

New operators should expect to sign up for our OSA and maintain a subscription on any machines they deploy. The first six months of OSA support and updates on new machines are free.

Looking forward

We can't wait for all we're bringing in 2024 to our operators and the Bitcoin ATM industry at large.

Our next major release brings much anticipated features, such as SumSub third-party ID verification, Lightning Network support, and email-based customer authentication. While next on the horizon are advanced customer loyalty features, USDT (TRC-20) cash-out, machine updates via the admin, and more. All the while we're working to port our software to more and more existing ATM hardware.

We're confident that our operators, existing and future, will appreciate the model we've taken of customisable and verifiable code supported by a simple flat-fee.

If you have any questions on our software or OSA, please reach out.